NEW YORK: Self-hating Jew becomes Islamic radical

Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, Yusuf al-Khattab is an American-born Jew who converted to Islam after attending an Orthodox Rabbinical school.

Joseph Cohen moved from the United States to Israel as a devout Jew in 1998, but within three years he had converted to Islam and become Yosef Mohammed Khatib, a supporter of the militant Hamas. Now he has started a website, that teaches hatred for the West.

There are a host of startling images on the website:

— The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;

— Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled “Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead”;

— Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq #568638

Even more surprising is that isn’t being maintained in some remote safe house in Pakistan. Instead, Yousef al-Khattab, the Web site creator, runs it from his home in the New York City Borough of Queens.

And, because al-Khattab enjoys the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, all the authorities can do is watch.

You can be sure I’ll be looking for this traitor whenever I get in a NYC taxi.

Listen to how he found Allah and became a terrorist supporter:


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