"Believers, take not Christians and Jews for your friends." (Warning: Graphic images)

Quran 8:12 “Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”


Persecution of Christians:    

 Christians are persecuted by Muslims in many parts of the world, including in the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority. Though Christians made up 75% of the Bethlehem population 60 years ago, their numbers have declined to around 10% today. Christian residents flee Bethlehem by the hundreds every year due to intimidation, economic boycotts and violent acts committed against them by Muslim residents. Churches are frequent targets of attacks in many parts of the Middle East and Africa. In some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, churches are outlawed and Christian worship is banned. Up to 250 million Christians worldwide will face persecution and repression in 2007, simply for following Jesus Christ, according to the latest roundup of the world’s persecution hotspots by Release International.

This 12-year old schoolgirl was beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia simply for being a Christian


Persecution of Jews: 

Jews were ethnically cleansed from nine Arab countries and Muslim fanatics continue to incite hatred and promote attacks against Jews through blood libel and violent interpretations of Islam. Jews are often targeted by radical Muslims, whose stated goal is to destroy Israel. During the Jordanian Muslim control of Jerusalem (1948-1967), 58 Jerusalem synagogues were destroyed. Jewish shrines and synagogues are frequently targeted for destruction or desecration. For example, Joseph’s Tomb, the ancient burial site of the Biblical patriarch Joseph, was burned and converted into a mosque by Palestinian radicals in 2000.

Palestinian media called this photo: “Israeli Body Parts”



Persecution of Hindus

Hindus have suffered under Islamic rule throughout the centuries and are often persecuted and attacked by radical Muslims in Central Asia and Indonesia. In 2002, Muslim gunmen raided the Akshardham Temple in India and killed 30 Hindu pilgrims who were visiting the holy shrine. Hindu regions have been frequent targets for Islamic attacks.

The man you see here begging for his life is a Hindu who was beaten to death in the name of Islam as an Imam looked on.


Persecution of Buddhists

Buddhists are frequent targets of radical Muslims in many parts of Asia. In 2001, the Muslim Taliban government in Afghanistan destroyed a nearly 2,000 year-old, 165 foot statue of Buddha. This religious icon and historical masterpiece is not replaceable and is only one of many relics destroyed by the Taliban.

A Thai Buddhist motorcyclist who was killed and beheaded by Muslims


Persecution of Baha’is

The Baha’i community of Iran, with about 300,000 members, is a frequent target of radical Muslims since the 1979 fundamentalist revolution. Many Baha’is have been killed and many sites of religious significance, including shrines and cemeteries, have been destroyed by the government. Baha’is are persecuted in many Muslim countries around the world. Conversely, the Baha’i world headquarters, a large hilltop temple and shrine, is located in Israel, where Baha’is are a respected religious minority.

Hanged for teaching a religion other than Islam.



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