WEEKEND FUNNIES: Back by popular demand

Find true love at “e-JIHAD.com”

We match you up on 29 dimensions of religious fanaticism. Join today and get free flight lessons.*

*Take-offs and landings not included


Spaghetti etiquette a la Islam

Watch the look on the guy sitting next to them.


IslamoFashion for Infidels

Burqa Chic: Stifling female containment unit offers first-class clothing for second-class citizens.


Put the Power of the Prophet in your Pocket

Mohammed Brand Condoms. Peace of mind for the mujahadin.


Angry Fundamentalist Male Seeking Wives

Even terrorists need love. Or at least obedience.


Flying Imams Have Rights, too

Flying while Muslim? Don’t be intimidated by racist Islamophobes.


And my all-time favorite:

Ahmed: The Dead Terrorist

Jeff Dunham’s hilarious take on Islamic terrorists.