FLORIDA: Radio Jihad hits the airwaves, angers Muslims

CAIR says the show goes too far. I say it doesn’t begin to go far enough.

The Central Florida Chapter of the UAC kicks off Radio Jihad and starts a stir among Islamists in Orlando Area. Channel 9 news covered the story that is sizzling its way through central Florida. Radio Jihad is heard every Friday.

Check out the website and listen to an excerpt from the show at: http://uacradiojihad.com/Home_Page.php

Show times are:
From 2:30-3:00PM every Friday
Listen online at: www.810weus.com

WDRJ 1440
From 6:00-6:30PM every Thursday
Listen online at: www.1440wdrj.com

The United American Committee proudly launches a syndicated AM radio show to awaken the nation to the jihadist threats, promote American ideals, and to take a stab at political correctness!

Radio Jihad is a one of a kind radio show featuring cutting edge programming concerning Islams war with the West. Each week a new topic is introduced that affects us all and discussed among a panel of patriotic Americans.If you have ever listened to the politically correct rhetoric spewed on other shows and thought I wish they would say…….. well this is the show for you. Beware these topics are sizzling hot and you won’t want to miss a moment of action. There is nothing they will not say in defense of America and our American way of life .

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