Fisher-Price baby doll spewing anti-Christian hate speech

“Islam is the light, Satan is the king.”

A cute baby doll that should be sweetly cooing is actually spouting a message of hate. Target has already started removing the doll from its stores — and Fisher-Price said its hasn’t had any complaints. If you have the doll, you can get a refund.


UPDATE – 10/10/08 9:25PM

One of my readers kindly sent me a copy of an email she received when she complained about the “Islam is light” doll. The company claims they have not had any complaints about the doll, which is doubtful. What is more suspicious is the response they sent, totally denying that the doll is saying what everyone else heard it say. Reader’s husband also received the same form letter for his complaint.

Note: I have deleted her name and email address.


From: Consumer Service Center [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 
To: (name deleted)
Subject: Mattel Response in Reference to Case Number: XXXXXXXXX


Dear Ms (name deleted):

Thank you for your recent e-mail in which you explain that you find the baby sounds of the Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo ® doll upsetting.  We assure you that our intention was purely to inspire children’s imaginations and creativity. It was certainly not our intention to have the baby cooing and giggling sounds represent any words other than “mama,” the one scripted word.

The Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo ® doll’s “baby talk” was intended to encourage more realistic play with the doll.  The Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo ® dollallows young girls to play in a fun and nurturing way, and pretend to be a mommy.  

Please be assured that:

·    The Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo dolls feature realistic baby sounds including sweet cooing, giggling and baby babble with no real sentence structure;

·    The only scripted word that the doll actually says is “mama.” There is a sound that may resemble something close to the word “night, right, or light;”    

·    Because the original sound track is compressed into a file that can be played through an inexpensive toy speaker, the final sound may vary from the original recording. (Original sound file is attached for your reference.)

 We appreciate the time you took to let us know your thoughts and truly value your feelings relating to this product.  We apologize if the baby sounds caused you concern and regret any misinterpretation that may have occurred.

 Thank you again for your feedback regarding the Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo doll.




 Mattel Consumer Relations



I think it’s time to see who is on the board of directors of this company and what ties they might have to persons of Middle Eastern descent. barenakedislam


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