POLL: Should Islam be banned in the West?

Setting aside the obvious reason of Islamic terrorism, Muslims do not permit other religions to build houses of worship in their countries, so why should we?


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2 comments on “POLL: Should Islam be banned in the West?

  1. As a former Muslim, I see Islam as the greatest threat to our way of democracy and national security. Americans are naive. What we see happening in Europe will happen here. As we accommodate the Muslims here in the USA and allow them into our country, they will eventually out-populate us, get into positions of power, institute Sharia laws (little by little) and then the Shites will start fighting the Sunnis and in a couple decades, we’ll have a violent Islamic State and Christians and Jews will be persecuted. Islam is decidedly NOT a religion of peace. It is a political movement that is gaining great strength. While we Americans are watching America’s Got Talent and the Kardashians, the Muslims (moderate and extremists) are infiltrating our country. We are snoozing and we are losing!

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