Crazy Muslim cleric Bakri's Fatwa on the X-FACTOR (UK's original AMERICAN IDOL)

Remember the Islamic cleric whose daughter was a pole dancer? UK Sheikh Omar Bakri sparked a terror alert after claiming the X Factor was ANTI-MUSLIM for releasing a charity single for injured British troops.

VIDEO OF THE HEROES SONG:article1867946.ece

The poisonous preacher hit out at Muslims who give out or wear Help For Heroes wristbands — or sell the show’s charity single Hero, released next Monday.

Last night anti-terror cops were in talks with producers to boost security at Fountain Studios in Wembley, North London, where the X Factor is filmed.

Armband ... Simon Cowell shows support

Armband … Simon Cowell shows support

A show source said: “Producers have spoken to CID and anti-terrorism officers about the potential threat level — it’s being taken very seriously.”

The massive operation came after Bakri claimed that even WATCHING the X Factor on TV was a “form of hatred”.

Bakri, 50, ranted: “Some Muslims in Birmingham are wearing the armbands in support of British troops in Afghanistan. This is a form of muadaat (hatred) of the kuffar (non-believers) against the Muslims . . . and it has dangerous implications.”

Bakri, in Lebanon, told followers in a recording put on a Muslim website: “Some people may find excuses for those people — ignorance and so on.“If after three days, if they continue, you are barred from these people and their deeds. Even watching the show — those people are committing a form, a type, of muadaat(hatred). And that action is a form of kufr (non-belief).”

Our source said: “We called in officers from Scotland Yard because of genuine safety fears. We are in the process of discussing extra security measures for Saturday night’s live show.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are aware of the recording and it will be assessed to see if any offences have been committed.

(Sheesh! Dhimmi Brits caving in to Muslim insanity again)

Hate cleric ... Omar Bakri

Hate cleric … Omar Bakri  Syrian-born Bakri has before sparked outrage by praising the 9/11 terrorists.

He then blamed the Government and the British public for the 7/7 blasts in London that killed 52 people.

He was exiled to Lebanon in 2005 after costing British taxpayers £300,000 by raising his family here on handouts.

Bakri’s rant comes just weeks after his daughter Yasmin was exposed as a sexy pole dancer by The Sun.

EXTRA: HATE preacher Anjem Choudary yesterday warned British Muslims that giving sweets to kids on Halloween is “the greatest crime any person can commit”.Omar Bakri’s right-hand man, 41 — whose family lives on £25,000 a year in benefits — wrote online that anyone taking part would face “hellfire”.

  • SOURCE: THE SUN article1834561.ece

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