CAIR LOSES! FBI says "Islamophobia" is virtually non-existent

I am vindicated. Yes, it ISN’T Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.

CAIR Slapped Down Again – FBI “Hate Crime” Data Proves Islamophobia Almost Entirely Nonexistent

October 27, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – – The FBI has just today released its annual statistical audit of “hate crimes,” covering the 2007 calendar year.

“Hate crimes,” were added to this index as a category, per legislation passed by Congress in 1990 and many professional grievance mongers look forward to the yearly release of these statistics because they are used as fodder to argue the wholsesale existence of racism in America.

Anyone familiar with the MO of the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR, a Hamas friendly jihadi mouthpiece and unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Hamas terror funding prosecution U.S. vs Holy Land Foundation] knows that one of their tactics is to allege that American Muslims are under daily attack, a siege motivated by Islamophobia, forcing them into the fearful world of second-class citizenship.

“CAIR is legendary for its campaign of legal intimidation using allegations of Islamophobia to bludgeon employers into Shari’a compliance.” [source, Terror Case Co-Conspirator Mounts Legal Assault On JBS Swift’s Nebraska Meat Packing Company,”]


“Much of CAIR’s case, such as it is, rests upon polling data which consistently demonstrates that some Americans, and Westerners in general view Islam in a negative manner. The CAIR website identifies five “opinions” that the organization feels are evidence of their claims.

“Islam is monolithic and cannot adapt to new realities. Islam does not share common values with other major faiths. Islam as a religion is inferior to the West. It is archaic, barbaric and irrational. Islam is a religion of violence and supports terrorism. Islam is a violent political ideology,” [source,]

(Well, DUH, all of that is true.)

CAIR is long on accusations and short on solid evidence regarding the alleged wave of anti-Muslim violence and what documentation exists is primarily of an anecdotal nature.

In 2006 they claim that 1,972 reported “civil rights complaints,” were made to the organization, yet the majority of these are unsourced, unproven and essentially unprovable.

Building their case upon such flimsy, lightweight evidence indicates not only a basic lack of honesty in the accusations, it indicates a malicious intent to advance a case for political benefit based upon conjured up factoids of dubious veracity.

CAIR’s legal team [the group is funded by Saudi Wahhabist extremists] is continually soliciting examples, most of which are fraudulently represented, in furtherance of this phony claim.

With this as background let’s take a look at the 2007 figures as reported by the feds:

The total number of “hate crimes” committed in 2007 was 7,624. Of that number, only 115 were Anti-Islamic.]

As perhaps the lead American Islamist organization, CAIR was created to serve as Hamas’ American public relations wing, with a goal of Islamizing the country and forcing recognition of Shari’a; all of its tactics flow from that mission statement. The FBI, by debunking CAIR’s chief claim, that Islamophobia is rampant and expanding, has inadvertantly gone a long way in exposing the group’s core assertion as mendacious, undermining whatever shard of credibility the organization still has.

SOURCE: index.cfm?page=cairid=10.27.08%2Ehtm


CAIR gets its panties in a wad over distribution of the video “OBSESSION” because it is full of violence and hate. No kidding!

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