SWEDEN: From cutting-edge, technologically-advanced, industrialized nation to banana republic in 20 years

As 100,000 Muslim immigrants descend upon Sweden each year, 50,000 Swedes flee the country.

There is no housing or resources left in Sweden so the government is cutting back on all social services. Sweden is reducing the resources to healthcare, police, courts, drug and border enforcement, retirement accounts, schools, education at primary and college levels. At the same time the government is desperately trying to collect outstanding tax debts quicker.

Many communities are under siege. Violent attacks are extremely common in most areas where immigrants moved to. Children must listen to horrific screams, see violent and brutal attacks, gunshots, see cars and apartment blown up, they get robbed and raped going to/from the school. Hundreds of schools have burned, police cars, firetrucks, buses, trains, subwaystations are stones, burned, vandalized and destroyed.

On top of this chaos, the courts still have a policy of handing out almost no punishment and very generous terms. Most of the asylum seekers come from Somalia, Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries. They bring their culture and use the same traditions they are used to from their 7th century homeland. Honor killings are common. Girls are not stoned, they are tossed from a high balcony by their family members.

Apparently wearing a bikini has not been outlawed. Yet.

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As goes Sweden, so goes America under a socialist like Obama.

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