UK Blogger, LIONHEART, may be charged with terrorism for telling the truth about Islam

Lionheart, a blogger not unlike BNI and others who post about the real Islam, was arrested and is out on bail pending charges that he is promoting racial hatred and/or terrorism.

Surprise Surprise!

“I have been re-bailed again until the beginning of December with the papers now being passed to the Crown Prosecution Counter Terrorism Unit, so it sounds like they percieve me to be a terrorist threat now as well.

I have been told that the officer who my legal representative spoke too told him that ‘it is likely’ I will be charged for the offence. Bit of an about turn from ‘no case to answer’, and I have been told they are ‘dissapointed’ that I have carried on with my blog.

The arrest didnt scare me into silence so maybe a judge and jury will.

If it is the case that they are going to charge me then why couldnt they just charge me now so that I could get on with my life, what difference will a further 5 or 6 weeks make after 12 months? Instead I have to wait more time in limbo land with their leash around my neck before I am charged and put on trial, that is if they do eventually put me on trial.

The Moslem Terrorists living in Britain are openly preaching Holy War, recruiting for it, raising money for it, and planning and plotting to murder as many British citizens as possible in the process and they are left out in society to continue freely without even a sniff of arrest.”

Here’s the amazing video:

UPDATE 11/9: As goes England, so goes America? The Brits say that we are not more than 10 years behind them, sooner, now that a Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, has been elected President.

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