The continuing saga of the Fatwa against Mickey Mouse

Well-known Saudi Islamist lecturer and author Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid stated, on Al-Majd TV on Aug. 27, that mice were Satan’s soldiers and, ‘According to Islamic law, even Mickey Mouse should be killed.’


Later, on Nov. 6, in response to all the media attention, Al-Munajid explained that he didn’t really mean the Disney character, Mickey Mouse, should be killed, only real rodents.

Now, If only he would retract the Islamic fatwa against all us infidels!]

The MEMRI Website follows up with this: latestnews.cgi?ID=SD212308

Al-Munajid also complained about MEMRI for its ongoing monitoring of his statements, saying: “Along came the MEMRI website – that is, [sic] – which is a Jewish website run by a Mossad officer, (news to me! LOL) which monitors… Even this show of yours is monitored, and they take excerpts from it…  “They took an excerpt about Mickey Mouse… Then it was aired by four huge global TV networks – ABC, BBC, Fox News, and CNN. In other words, it was viewed by 350 million people…
“My complaint is not directed towards them [i.e. MEMRI]. After all, they are our enemies, and we understand why they do this. Their behavior is understandable. What I don’t understand is how some Muslims, when asked: ‘What’s your view on the Mickey Mouse fatwa?’ can say: ‘This is a distortion of Islam. This fatwa must be revoked.’


Egyptian Liberal: “I Decided to Go to Disneyland to Make Sure Mickey Mouse Was All Right”

Sami Al-Behiri, an Egyptian residing in the U.S. who is a columnist for the liberal Arab e-journal Elaph said, “I was quite alarmed at Sheikh Al-Munajid’s fatwa, and I decided to go to Disneyland to make sure Mickey Mouse was all right…”

“I Don’t Think We Can Let a Muslim From the Middle East Interview Mickey Mouse Under These Circumstances”

“When I got to Mickey Mouse’s house in Disneyland, I found that it was tightly guarded by Marines, U.S. National Guard, and no small number of FBI agents, with their dark glasses, earpieces, dark suits, and black ties. It appeared that they were observing all of the visitors, including the children.
“I approached Mickey’s house, and a Marine appeared. We had the following conversation:
“Marine: Are you here by yourself?
“Me: Yes.
“Marine: Where are your children?
“Me: My children are no longer kids, they are college and high school students.
“Marine: I can’t let you enter without a child with you.
“Me: Why, what happened?
“Marine: There’s a death threat against Mickey Mouse, from some extremists and terrorists.
“Me: I’m a journalist – I came to interview Mickey Mouse about these threats that people are talking about on the web.
“Marine: Let me see your ID.
“(I take it out, and he looks a few times at me and then at my picture, then says:) Your name is Sami Al-Behiri!
“Me: Yes.
“Marine: What kind of name is that? Where are you from?
“Me: I live here in the U.S., in California.
“Marine: What I mean is, what is your country of origin, where did you immigrate from?
“Me: I’m originally from Egypt.
“Marine: Ah, so you’re from the Middle East.
“Me: Yes.
“Marine: Are you a Muslim?
“Me: I think that’s my business, and has nothing to do with interviewing Mickey Mouse.
“Marine: Answer the question. Are you a Muslim?
“Me: Yes.
“Marine: Mr. Al-Behiri, I don’t think we can let a Muslim from the Middle East interview Mickey Mouse under these circumstances.
“I asked to see his superior, and in the end they allowed me to interview Mickey Mouse, after undergoing a body search, and they insisted that a Marine be present during the interview.”

Mickey Mouse: “I’ve Become Like Salman Rushdie.”

“I entered to meet Mickey Mouse and found him in a miserable state, trembling with fear.
“Me: Good morning, Mickey.
“Mickey: What’s good about it?
Inshallah khayr (All will be well, Allah willing).
“Mickey: You say ‘Allah’ – are you one of them?
“Me: Don’t be afraid, I just came to interview you. Naturally you’ve heard of the fatwa by Sheikh Al-Munajid in the Middle East, which demanded all the mice in the world be killed?
“Mickey: Yes, and from that time on my life has become unbearable. I’ve become like the British author Salman Rushdie – I can’t go out and meet the children and play with them, like I used to before this fatwa. You wouldn’t have a bit of Kashkaval cheese with you, would you?
“I had brought with me as a gift a quarter loaf of Swiss cheese, but the FBI agents took it from me during the search, since they were afraid it might be poisoned.
“Mickey: What do people in the Middle East think about this fatwa?
“Me: The truth is that they are very alarmed – especially the children, who love you very much.
“Mickey: Give them my best…
“Me: What security precautions has the federal government taken to protect you?
“Mickey: In addition to the Marines and other forces you saw outside, scientists from Harvard University prepared a special mouse hole [protected] against nuclear bombs.
“Me: Is it that bad?

“Mickey: Yeah, they’re afraid Iran will get a nuclear bomb and the ‘mouse hole’ will be one of the strategic targets.



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