EGYPT has banned the wearing of pillow cases on the head

The Niqab full head-covering will no longer be allowed in Egyptian hospitals. But as 7th Century fundamentalism spreads throughout 21st Century Egypt, many women object to being forced to remove the Niqab for any reason, even health-related ones.

‘A graphic example of the oppression that Islamic dress regulations for women engender came in March 2002 in Mecca, when 15 girls were killed in a fire at their school. Saudi Arabia’s religious gestapo, the muttawa, wouldn’t let the girls out of the building. Since only women were in the school, the girls had shed their all-concealing outer garments. The religious leaders chose to let all the girls die rather than transgress Islamic law – to the point that they actually battled police and firemen who were trying to open the school’s doors.’Robert Spencer (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam)


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