11-year old Muslim girl burned alive for wearing lipstick

Nazmeen, an 11 year old girl, was molested and set on fire by her uncle, a conservative Muslim, in Jaipur, India. He was outraged over her wearing lipstick and being ‘scantily dressed.’ After conducting inappropriate acts with her body, he poured kerosene over her and torched over 90% of her body.

(Note: Video shows several different accounts of same story}


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6 comments on “11-year old Muslim girl burned alive for wearing lipstick

  1. how can abuses against females by muslim men (for admitted religious reasons)in so many different cultures from arabia to pakistan be claimed by apologists as “not caused by religion, but by culture”?
    the Hadiths (which muslims read along with the quran) is filled with stories of mohammad’s warcrimes against nonmuslim females, including enslavement and forced gangrape upon capture.

  2. Islam is not evil it all culture, and people behaving in the manner is totally forbidden in Islam. Before you can make a judgement on Islam you need to look into the religion other then just judging it by face value. It call comes down to a corrupt mind and then people blame Islam for an easy escape.

  3. btilly
    pedophilia is not in hinduism though chid marriage is and both are different things . you can find child marriages in the christian history also. Hinduism never oppress women as you can see in our history that how many women fought like a warrior and ruled the kingdom after the kings death or other reasons. It is only ISLAM in this world which not only oppresses women but also men as no muslim has the freedom to leave islam otherwise they will be killed. Islam is not actually a religion but an organisation which survives on booty through conversion or killings and looting. Hindu and Christians must unite to save the freewill concept and thus the freedom of all people on this planet and protect even the muslims who hates islam from being killed by other muslims.

    • i totaly agree with what you say and would go further, all religions based on Peace @ Love should unite against this evil called Islam, i am not saying that all muslims are evil, its Islam that is evil and it should be eradicated by all means available to us.

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