AUSTRALIA: Outraged over plans for Muslim school

The Australian International Islamic College, planned for Carrara, has raised the ire of residents who fear it will lead to the local Muslim population withdrawing from the rest of the community.

Yet stupid Australian liberals believe that Australia’s current approach to terrorism is increasing the danger, not reducing it. One ‘professor’  blames Australian society for making Muslims feel alientated and disempowered. Muslims were infuriated when pigs heads were dumped at another proposed Muslim school.

Well, Boo Fricken Hoo, let them go back to the hellholes they came from if they don’t want to assimilate.


muslim school protestPROTESTERS have swarmed the Gold Coast City Council headquarters, and with blaring rock anthems vented anger over a planned Muslim school.

Almost 200 residents turned out for the demonstration, draped in Australian flags and shouting pro-Aussie slogans while Australian rock classics such as Down Under and Great Southern Land boomed across the parkland. 

A rally last week attracted about 400 people, while people turned out yesterday carrying placards bearing slogans such as “no Muslim school, hell no” and “integration, not segregation”.

“Since we have started protesting against this our churches have been covered in hate-filled graffiti.” He denied it was hypocritical to oppose Muslim and not Christian schools.”Catholics aren’t a different culture,” he said. “They are the same as us.”

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Better a whorehouse than an Islamic schoolhouse.

At least you won’t have to worry about the prostitutes slitting your throat.


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