WANTED: 5000 Pakistani throat cutters

As many as 5,000 Pakistani butchers could secure jobs in the British halal meat industry.

Scottish-British Nationalist more-pakis-on-way.html tells us, “Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between National Halal Foods Group UK and Overseas Manpower Employment Corporation, 5000 more Pakistanis will be invited to Great Britain. Well folks this is the kind of back door deal that Labour don’t want you knowing about. The red Trotsky’s will tell you that they will clamp down on immigration, but yet they will allow any coloniser to come to our country. Now along with these Halal butchers, you can bet that the whole extended family will be invited by Nu-Labour. Thus adding to the Islamic breeding machines already sitting around all day on their fat arses. I mean how many Pakistanis  don’t have a proper job in the UK, that they cant they do the bloody job of slitting poor animals throats, ensuring they endure long lingering deaths just to appease some crackpot paedophile called Mohammad.”

What’s happening to our country is nothing short of madness, its a sick sick joke.




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