ITALY: Is the Pope trying to commit suicide?

Vatican: Catholic Church speaks out in favor of building more mosques for ‘worship.’

Vatican City, 4 Dec. (AKI) – Italy’s Muslims can have more mosques as long as they are used as places of worship, said a senior Vatican official on Thursday. “The place of worship must have its own cultural and spiritual identity, as well as its own religious identity which is a fundamental element, and must not acquire any other identity,” said Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, Vatican Cultural Council chief. 

“If (the mosque) becomes something different, civil society has a right to intervene,” Ravasi said. “Here we are talking about a western society that distinguishes between religious and political spheres, however the mosque carries out a charitable function which is a special quality so that religion also has a social function.”

Ravasi’s remarks came two days after two alleged terror suspects were arrested in the northern Italian city of Milan. The arrests sparked the anti-immigrant Northern League party to call for a freeze on mosque construction.

Recorded telephone conversations published in the Italian media suggested that the two Moroccans, Rachid Ilhami and Abdelkader Ghaffir were planning a terror attack on Milan’s famous cathedral, the Duomo, during this year’s forthcoming Christmas festivities.

SOURCE: ?id=3.0.2782120547

And who is going to monitor these mosques to see that they aren’t being used to promote jihad?

Islam, the second largest religion in Italy, is not officially recognized by the State and the building of mosques is all but prohibited.

Despite the narrator’s obvious pro-Muslim bias, Italy understands that the Religion of Death does not deserve respect or recognition. In Muslim countries, Catholic churches are not permitted. Some Italian Muslims say they may have to leave Italy because of the discriminatory treatment towards them. I say,“Arrivederci Islam.”




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