We are all British?

UK man is arrested and fined for sending out fliers that say ‘No More Mosques’ in protest of plans for building a Super Mosque, because a Muslim mail sorter found it offensive.

We are headed down the same road as our British cousins now that the Democrats are trying to rewrite the first amendment to limit free speech with such tactics as the Fairness Doctrine and hate crime laws for offensive speech. But I thought the first amendment ensured that in America, one does not have the right NOT to be offended?



UK Muslims demand that British taxpayers pay for an eighth state-funded, Muslim-only secondary PRIVATE school.

Muslims claim that mainstream schools are too big and stretched to provide the cultural conditions in which Muslim children can thrive.

Well DUH, why the Hell don’t they send their little terrorists-in-training to school in Muslim countries if they don’t like our schools?

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