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Dirty Bomb Attack on America: What will we do?

Sometime early in the Obama administration…

While most Americans no longer care to think about 9/11, Muslim terrorists will launch an attack on the US using radiological and nuclear devices. In the early morning hours, the terrorists use stolen or rented crop dusters and helicopters to spray anthrax over 6 US cities at the same time detonating 3 nuclear devices from the stolen aircraft at 10,000 feet over NYC, Boston, and Washington DC. The combined effects of the anthrax and radiation will kill millions of innocent Americans. 

The President of the United States will issue an apology for the Muslim religion, emphasizing that it was only a few individuals who did this, and so there is no reason to be angry at all Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace. At the same time, the President declares martial law, suspending US citizen’s rights indefinitely. 

Muslims in America and around the world rejoice at the news of the attacks and take to dancing in the streets. The US news media refuse to show any of this footage but some footage makes its way on the internet where it is viewed by a wide audience before being removed by terrorist collaborators at YOUTube and GOOGLE for being offensive to Muslims.

Four years go by with no retaliation by the Obama administration.

Sarah Palin is sworn into office as President on Jan. 20, 2013, with Bobby Jindal as her Vice President, and General David Petraeus (Ret) as her Secretary of Defense.

On Jan. 21, 2013, a Stealth B2 bomber takes off from Andrews Air Force base and delivers two nuclear devices to Mecca and Medina.  But this is only the beginning…..

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