US & UK tied India's hands over retaliation for Mumbai. Say WHAT?

And why the Hell did they do that? Don’t they know that doing nothing just emboldens the terrorists to stike again, only harder the next time?

British and American officials had to intervene to prevent India carrying out a swift retaliatory strike on Pakistan following the Mumbai terror attacks, a senior Pakistani diplomat has claimed.

According to the BBC World Service, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, the Pakistani High Commissioner in London, said he had learned from his sources that India was about to launch a military strike to ‘teach Pakistan a lesson’.

Mr Hassan, who made his claim in an interview with the World Service’s Urdu language service, said he had alerted Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari to the threat.

He said that the President in turn urgently contacted high-level British and American officials who intervened to calm the situation.

SOURCE: India-planned-retaliation-Pakistan-Mumbai-massacre-says-Islamabads-man-London.html

The Taj Mahal engulfed in smoke during a gun battle between Indian commandos and the militants

UPDATE 12/7:  Indian publc angered over government’s inaction in responding to the attacks on Mumbai.