MINNESOTASTAN: From those wonderful folks who gave us the Flying Imams and the first terrorist-sympathizing Muslim member of the House of Representatives

Shirwa Ahmed was a naturalized American citizen and a Somali suicide terrorist who killed himself and 29 people in a bombing in Northern Somalia last October.

Our FBI came to the aid of the jihadist’s family: retrieving the bits to which Shirwa blew himself and transporting them — apparently on your dime — so that he could be buried here at “home.

Family and friends in this 100,000-strong Somali enclave in Minnesota did not wish to talk about the circumstances of his death. Community activist Omar Jamal is one of the few who will. Honestly I look at him seriously as a victim and not as a criminal, I think of him as a young victim,says Jamal.

U.S. intelligence is investigating whether Ahmed and the other missing Minnesota Somalis [sic] attended terrorist training camps. There, lessons are given on explosives and automatic weapons and some of the terrorists seem to speak, with American accents.

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