Mumbai WILL happen in America.

There are well armed Muslim men and young boys who are training for urban combat terrorist scenarios inside the United States and Canada.

Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn wrote last Friday that Mumbai could happen just about anywhere. He’s correct.

 Douglas J. Hagmann  has personally investigated potential terrorists who are in this country that appear to be training for just such scenarios. He has published investigative findings, complete with photographs, only to be called an alarmist, racist, bigoted, and religiously intolerant. He has seen his findings skewed by the media, who complain that they cannot find corroborating witnesses as they point cameras and shine lights on sources that fear for their safety. .

Despite the evidence presented, there is an incredible disconnect from reality by otherwise rational and reasonable individuals, people in leadership, and some at higher levels in our own law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Why else would one treat with sickening malaise the existence of a bullet-ridden school bus situated on the grounds of a private Islamic commune located at the base of the Catskill Mountains in New York State? This would be the same Islamic compound “of Qu’ranic study” that is outfitted with a firing range, where area residents often hear the sounds of automatic and semi-automatic weapons fire.

How was this group dealt with by local community leaders? Not with the slightest scintilla of suspicion or even curiosity, but with a parade. An actual parade, through the streets of Binghamton, NY, to celebrate interfaith dialogue. What about law enforcement? Well, they consider this commune “good residents,” mostly because they have not had to respond to any “trouble calls” to that location.

The fact is this: there are well armed Muslim men and young boys who are training for urban combat terrorist scenarios inside the United States and Canada, as India continues the process of identifying their dead. 

They don’t wear nametags that identify them with any particular Islamic terrorist organization, and are not limited to groups like LeT and Jamaat ul Fuqra, but make no mistake: they all adhere to the same philosophy and ideology taught by fundamentalist Islam, and their training is derived directly from the texts, manuals, and videos authored and published by al Qaeda.

Such groups here are well funded, in many cases by receiving money from Saudi Arabia through mosques and Islamic Centers. In cases like Jamaat ul Fuqra, they establish charities, and send their money to top terrorist leader Sheikh Mubarek ali Gilani, who in turn uses those funds to recruit, equip and expand his terrorist network.

SOURCE: usnews