Notice how they DON'T call them 'MUSLIM' TERRORISTS

’14 Held Over in Plot to Bomb EU Heads.’ 14 WHAT – Cucumbers? We all know what they are, why does the media refuse to identify them?

GORDON Brown faced a major security alert yesterday when 14 suspected terrorists were arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill him and other EU leaders.

It was feared they were planning a suicide bombing as the Prime Minister and 26 other European premiers met in Brussels for a twoday summit.

The risk of an imminent attack rose after one of the suspects was given the ‘green light’ from his masterminds to strike, officials said.

They believe the attack is linked to Al Qaeda and said they had found a ‘ martyrdom video’ made by the suspect. He was thought to be mounting an operation ‘ from which he was not expected to return’. Belgian federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said one alleged plotter had already ‘said goodbye to his loved ones because he wanted to enter paradise with a clear conscience’.

Four of those held were Belgians, but the nationalities of the others were not disclosed.

Yesterday’s suspected plot – a fortnight after Muslim fanatics attacked Mumbai – fuelled fears that Al Qaeda has regrouped and is planning a new series of atrocities.

Some of the suspects had travelled to both Pakistan and Afghanistan to take part in fighting or training, and it was possible the bombing might have been drawn up there.

Yesterday more than 240 police carried out 16 raids in Brussels and one in Liege as part of Belgium’s biggest ever anti-terror inquiry.

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Belgian police Thursday arrested a woman they called an “al Qaeda living legend” as part of an operation to thwart a terror attack being planned to coincide with an EU summit in Brussels, a Belgian police source told CNN.

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