EU: PAEDOPHILIA IS NOW PROTECTED under 'Non-Discrimination According to Sexual Orientation' laws


The Reason? To placate Muslims in Europe and come in line with Shari’a Law which condones sexual relations with children.

The EU Lisbon Treaty of 2007, to all intents and purposes, is identical to the EU Treaty of 2004 (The EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters), but with paragraphs being relocated and consequently renumbered.

Page 412 Article 21 of the Charter of the Lisbon Treaty is identical to Article 2-81 in the EU Treaty of 2004 and states, “Any discrimination on the basis of… sexual orientation or any other factor is prohibited”. In all previous treaties, such as the Nice Treaty, there is a protocol which excludes paedophilia from the prohibition of discrimination (NJS 16 AUG).

 Staggeringly, in the Lisbon Treaty, and also according to the view of the EU Information Office, there is no protocol on paedophilia!

 Without such a protocol, the Lisbon Treaty Article 21 legalises paedophilia in line with other sexual orientations. 

SOURCE: the-lisbon-treaty-permits-paedophilia-the-end-of-the-eu

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