PAKISTAN: BLASPHEMY LAWS ARE A SWORD hanging over non-Muslims' heads

Pakistan imposes the death penalty for anyone found to have ‘by words or visible representation or by an imputation or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiled the name of Muhammad of Islam.’

In 1990 the Federal Shariah Court ruled that the penalty should be a mandatory death sentence, with no right to a reprieve or pardon. Similarly anyone blamed as a blasphemer against the Qur’an would be awarded life imprisonment .

However, the law is sometimes used against political adversaries or personal enemies, or by Muslim fundamentalists against religious minorities, or for personal revenge. Ahmadi-muslims are especially victimized by the blasphemy-law. They claim to be muslims themselves, but under the blasphemy-law, they are not allowed to use Islamic vocabulary or rituals.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws allow the word of just one witness to incriminate a “heretic.”

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Makes one wonder why Western countries like Great Britain are allowing Muslims to have Shari’a Law courts to rule on domestic issues. Can blasphemy laws be far behind?


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