“Obesity poses as big a threat to our nation as terrorism,” UK Government adviser warns.

obeseCrisis: Half of Britons could be obese by 2032

Obesity poses as grave a threat to Britain and the NHS as terrorism, a Government adviser has warned. Public health expert Professor David Hunter criticised ministers for failing to take ‘bold action’ to tackle the growing crisis. 

Professor Hunter, of Durham University, said that since the 1970s governments have done little more than ‘tinkered round the edges’ of the emerging health crisis.

‘The Government was quick to move for things like ID cards or 42-day detention without trial  –  now it needs to show similar leadership in public health.  (And yet the terrorist threat to London is as great or greater than ever before, according to your PM, Gordon Brown)

‘The threat to our future health is just as significant as the current security threat.’ 

SOURCE: Obesity-poses-big-threat-nation-terrorism-Government-adviser-warns.html

Oh, I get it, like all good little socialists, he believes that government regulation can solve this problem. That’s right, take your anti-terrorism officials off anti-terrorism duty and make them the fat police. That way, your citizens won’t lose 9 years off their life expectancy and incur great expense to your National Health Care system, they’ll die right away in a terrorist attack.  Sheeeesh!


And while I’m beating up on our British cousins… here’s another monument to the SayWHAT? category: After 130 years of fundraising, UK Salvation Army told to stop rattling collecting tins because it might ‘offend other religions’

No, not OTHER religions, just ISLAM.

For 130 years they have been part of Christmas, filling the air in towns across the land with music and carols. But one thing is missing from the repertoire of Salvation Army bands this year – the percussion of rattling tins. Salvation Army collectors have been told not to rattle their tins as it could be construed as religious harassment

Members have been forbidden to shake their charity tins – even if it’s done in time to the music – in case it harasses or intimidates people. One said she had been told it might also offend other religions. 

Guidelines for branches organising public collections say tinholders should simply keep the tin still. 

It means that when the brass bands start up they can rock and roll all they want  –  but if they shake and rattle, it could put them in conflict with the law. 

Councils and police can enforce the no-rattle rule and have powers to prosecute or ban offenders. The restriction was branded ‘bonkers’ yesterday both by donors and long-serving Salvation Army volunteers.

One collector told the Daily Mail: ‘I’ve been doing this for more than 40 years and I fail to see how rattling a tin could cause offence. If I was shaking a tambourine I could do it all day  –  if I shake my tin, I could end up in court.’ 

SOURCE: Sally-Army-told-stop-rattling-collecting-tins–offend-religions.html


And this is just insanity: Blind man’s guide dog barred from restaurant for offending Muslims.

A blind man has been turned away from a fashionable Indian restaurant because his guide dog offended Muslim staff.

Alun Elder-Brown was barred from bringing his guide dog, Finn, into Kirthon Restaurant in Tunbridge WellsAlun Elder-Brown, a recruitment executive, said he was left feeling “like a piece of dirt” after being barred from bringing the animal into Kirthon Restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on religious grounds.



The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said the decision was illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act and Mr Elder-Brown, 51, is now considering suing the establishment in The Pantiles.

It follows a series of successful prosecutions of Muslim taxi drivers who refused to carry guide dogs in their cars because they considered them unclean on religious grounds.

Mr Elder-Brown was taking his girlfriend out to celebrate her birthday with her five year-old daughter last week when he was told he would have to leave his dog, Finn, tied up outside.

He showed a card issued by the Institute of Environmental Health Officers certifying he and his dog were allowed into any premises but an argument ensued and the owners threatened to call the police if he did not leave.

“I was made to feel like a piece of dirt. They told me I couldn’t come in because it was against their religious beliefs to have a dog in the restaurant.

SOURCE: Blind-mans-guide-dog-barred-from-restaurant-for-offending-Muslims.html


Sorry to say this, but England has lost more than its soul, it has lost its heart.



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