What IS the Pope drinking these days? Vatican claims the West’s ‘fascination’ with Islam was putting inter-faith dialogue at risk.

“Demonization of Islam in the ‘Christian’west is a serious problem,” warns CAIR. Apparently the Pope agrees. Just wait until they experience a major terrorist attack in Italy, then let’s see what they have to say about Islam.

Muslims protest Pope London-vi

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, said that the Church “has to have regard for all religions” and that  the West’s fascination with Islam was putting inter-faith dialogue at risk.

“Islam is very important, but there are also other great Asiatic religious traditions. Islam is one religion,” he reveals on Catholic website

He added that Islam should not monopolise inter-faith dialogue and that it was just one of the world’s many religions.

“Sometimes there are priorities because of particular situations, but we mustn’t get the impression there are first-class religions and second-class religions.” “What was interesting about our discussions was that we did not concentrate on Islam because in a way we are being held hostage by Islam a little bit.”

Pope Benedict XVI has also convened a Catholic-Muslim forum for October in a bid to compensate for a controversial speech he gave two years ago when he suggested that Islam was “irrational and inherently violent”.

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Keep fiddling, Vatican officials, while Rome burns: Two Moroccans arrested in Italy yesterday (Dec. 1st) wanted to blow up the Milan Cathedral on Christmas.  They hoped an attack during the busy holiday would cost dozens of lives.  

The two belonged to an Islamic terror cell which had been followed by the Italian police already for months.  “The plot was discovered yet before the suspects could get explosives,” says the Italian minister of Internal Affairs, Roberto Maroni, in response.


Rachid Ilhami (31) and Abdelkader Ghafir (43) were arrested in Giussano, a city 25km away from Milan.  The detectives gathered from tapped phone calls and confiscated computer files that the two also prepared attacks on a supermarket and a police bureau.  They are arrested on suspicion of terrorism and eventual cooperation with al-Qaeda.

Ilhami is not the first ‘peace activist’ to plan terror attacks. Ilhami had been living since he was ten in Italy.  He is married and has two children.  He worked as a blacksmith and in his free time worked in a center for peace activities, in the area of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s villa, according to Corriere della Sera.

SOURCE: italy-plot-to-blow-up-milan-cathedral.html


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