A British-born Iraqi doctor who infiltrated the National Health Service has been found guilty of conspiring to kill hundreds of people in the bungled Baghdad-style car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow. 

16th December 2008

After Bilal Abdulla was found guilty, Scotland Yard’s anti-terror chief warned that a new breed of Islamic extremist is targeting Britain while working here in respectable professional jobs.

Abdulla is believed to have been sent to the UK as a ‘sleeper’ to form an Iraqi terror cell to bring carnage to the streets with a series of massive car bombings in June 2007.

Inspired by the former head of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Abdulla recruited Indian engineering PhD Kafeel Ahmed when the men met at an Islamic group in Cambridge and began plotting a series of ‘spectaculars’. 

While in Baghdad early in 2006, Abdulla is said to have spoken of his desire to take part in martyrdom operations and to have worked for an insurgent group, procuring guns and explosives. 

‘These individuals were not on our radar,’ he said. ‘They are very different from the profiles of terrorists we have dealt with in this country before  –  being professional people. 

‘I find it bizarre that people who have trained as doctors can seek to take life in such a cruel way.’

A second member of what was branded the ‘NHS terror cell’, Jordanian neurologist Mohammed Asha, 28, was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. 

SOURCE: The-terrorist-doctors-coat-Iraqi-infiltrated-NHS-guilty-bungled-bomb-plot.html


The jeep on fire at Glasgow airport

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