CHINA CRACKDOWN: Islam Could Disappear in 10 Years

And this is a BAD thing? One day soon, Islam will have to be restricted or banned outright in countries where Muslims have tried to impose their beliefs and systems on the native population.

After the Beijing Olympics ended and the world’s eyes were no longer upon China – the government deployed soldiers throughout the province, Uighur rights groups say. Security forces made mass arrests of local Muslims and tightened surveillance of religious activities in Xinjiang’s southern and central counties, the rights groups say. In some towns, prayer in public places outside the main mosque is forbidden and an imam’s sermon is limited to no longer than a half-hour.

Since the end of the Olympic Games in late August, the Chinese government’s crackdown on Uighurs with alleged separatist ties in this oil-rich province has escalated. Even though no group has claimed responsibility for the violence, Chinese authorities say Islamic separatists are behind it.

As children, Hussein and millions of other young Uighurs never attended the religious schools known as madrassas or prayed at mosques because of a government ban on Islamic education for those under 18.

“Maybe in 10 years, there will be no more (Islamic) religion in Xinjiang” (province), said Hussein.


A Uighur man passes an ad for the Beijing Olympics in Kas... (Ryan Anson / Special to The Chronicle)

You don’t get to set off deadly bomb attacks in China, as Muslims did during the Beijing Olympics, and expect not to get punished for it.



Chinese authorities have enforced laws restricting Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang from practicing their faith. (NY Times photo)

With prayers banned in public areas, private hajj trips not allowed, teaching of the Noble Qur’an not allowed in private and students and government officials forced to eat during Ramadan, China is enforcing laws and regulations restricting the practice of Islam.

In Khotan, signs posted in front of the grand mosque say the weekly Friday prayer sermon must not extend beyond than a half-hour.

Prayers in public areas outside the mosque is forbidden and residents are banned from worshipping at mosques outside their town.

Under the rules, imams are banned from teaching the Qur’an in private and only official versions of the Qur’an are allowed.

Studying Arabic is only allowed at special government schools.Government workers are banned from showing the slightest sign of religious devotion. For example, a Muslim civil servant could be sacked for donning hijab.

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