Afghan ‘militants’ plant dynamite in the renowned Printemps department store and tell France: ‘Get your troops out of our country by February’ or else.


Terrorists brought panic to the heart of Paris this morning after dynamite was discovered in one of the city’s most famous department stores.

Thousands of shoppers and staff were evacuated from Printemps, the French equivalent of Harrods, following a warning from a previously unknown group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front.

They had threatened to bring ‘death and destruction’ unless French troops leave Afghanistan. ‘Otherwise we will go back into action in your big capitalist stores and this time without warning you,’ the letter said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has increased France’s troop levels in Afghanistan, quickly stressed that he would not bend to terrorism. France has 2,800 troops in Afghanistan.

Anxious shoppers can be seeing fleeing the Printemps store in Paris today after five sticks of explosives were discovered


The explosives were found in the washrooms of the menswear department shortly after the store was opened today. The sticks of dynamite tied together without a detonator. 

SOURCE: Afghan-militants-plant-dynamite-Harrods-Paris-tell-France-Get-troops-country-February.html