ABOUT THAT 'Marrying Little Girls' THING

Saudi Cleric confirms that Islam allows marriage with girls as young as one year old.

There is no minimum age requirement for entering into a marriage contract, even a one-year old girl can be married with consent of her father. But the contract only indicates intent. The appropriate age for initiating sex is determined by the Prophet Muhammad, who married Aisha at six and consummated the marriage when she was nine.

Gee, one can only wonder what the husband of a six year old will do to his ‘wife’ that stops just short of actual intercourse?

Selling young girls into marriage with older men: Thanks to the Prophet Muhammad’s example, now every pedophile in Islam has justification for sexually abusing young children.

Lifting the Veil – Women in Afghanistan. They call this shameful crime “marriage.” In this CNN video, a young girl sold into marriage at the age of 7 speaks of the horrific life she has had to endure.

7-year old bride with her 40-year old groom.

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In the Western Indian state of Rajasthan, Muslim forced weddings are frequent – with the brides sometimes as young as five. It’s been an illegal practice since 2006, but families marry off young daughters so they don’t have to feed them.

Didn’t anyone ever tell these people about birth control?

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Saudi judge denies annulment of forced marriage of an  8-year old girl to a 47-year old man.

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