One of the messages that Israel received told them to, “Take their heads off.”

Unbelievable, I know, but this came from an Arab website so who am I to question it?

Ismail HaniyehIsrael has recently received messages from “senior Arab official” urging the Hebrew state to resume its assassinations attacks in the Gaza Strip, the Tel Aviv-based Maariv reported. According to the newspaper, one of the messages even said “take their heads off”, in reference to the Hamas leadership in the coastal territory.


The Arab officials, according to the daily, urged Israel to hit Hamas if the latter decides not to resume the calm with Israel.

The Israeli hit-list includes top figures from Hamas military and political wings. On the top of the list are Hamas commanders Ahmed Jabari, Ibrahim Ghandour  and Mohammed Deif, who has been on Israel’s most wanted list for over a decade and was wounded several times in the past in Israeli strikes. 

hamas qassam rocketsThe Israel targets include also senior political leaders such as former Palestinian premier, Ismail Haniyeh, the former foreign minister Mahmoud a Zahar and the former interior minister, Saeed Siyam. Maarivreports that another name on the Israeli list is of Palestinian Legislative Council member and Chairperson of the Popular Committee against the Siege, Jamal Al Khudari. Israeli security sources have been claiming he is close aide to Haniyeh and “deeply involved in terror activities.”

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Looks like the Israelis are taking them up on their suggestion.

Israel says a militant was killed during an airstrike that was in response to Hamas rocket attacks. Hamas formally ended a 6-month truce with Israel on Friday.