Why don't our troops get a Bob Hope for Christmas?

Where is the 21st century Bob Hope? A Bob Hope who never missed a Christmas to entertain the troops, putting himself in harms way, not just at Christmas time but several times a year, in every war, in every conflict. As long as there were American troops overseas, there was Bob Hope to bring them a little joy.

Yeah, yeah, don’t tell me about the odd celebrity or two who visit the troops once or twice. Where is the big name celebrity who makes it a ritual to get to Iraq and Afghanistan year after year? Watching this reminds me of a time gone by when unselfishness outranked self-centeredness among the general population. When it mattered not at all if the war was popular or not.

God Bless our Troops. If  you were in the audience for one of Bob’s shows, or are one of the proud who served our country, God bless you too. And God Bless America

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