…but it isn’t because people are dying to submit to the will of ALLAH, it’s because they are dying if they don’t.

When Muslims decide to impose their religion on the populace, this is, more often than not, the way they do it. The anti-government al-Shabab Islamic group has taken control of several areas of southern and central Somalia. In the areas they control. they have begun destroying anything deemed un-Islamic, including graves and churches.


Listen to this Professor of Islamic Thought and Culture try to double talk his way around the violence and brutality by Muslims in Somalia.

Zakaryya Abdelhady, from Qatar Univ., explains that Islam doesn’t condone such violence including, beatings, stonings, and beheadings, while the country is still in chaos. Not until AFTER the Islamic society has been established in its purest form, should such harsh punishments be imposed upon the people. 

Oh, now I get it, they’re supposed to save all the human rights violations until after Islam has become  the law of the land. SHEEEEESH!


And here we see the how other Muslims view the brutality and killings in Somalia.


Posted (Anwar alAwlaki) in Imam Anwar’s Blog on December-21-2008

We are following your recent news and it fills our hearts with immense joy. We would like to congratulate you for your victories and achievements.

Al-Shabab not only have succeeded in expanding the areas that fall under their rule but they have succeeded in implementing the sharia and giving us a living example of how we as Muslims should proceed to change our situation. The ballot has failed us but the bullet has not.

The university of the battlefield that al-Shabab have chosen to study at, which is teaching them lessons in honor and steadfastness will prove to be a better tarbiyyah method than the Islamic universities run by Green Zone Scholars under governments headed by pimps that teach them the fiqh of weakness and humiliation.

Al-Shabab have already started a program of enforcement of law that would bring peace and security to the people. They are also applying hudud and fighting against innovations that have been around for centuries. (That’s right, 21st Century innovations are so inferior to the ‘golden age’ of the seventh Century)

I would like to take this opportunity to advise my brothers to be kind and soft with the masses; to excuse them for centuries of ignorance and false beliefs; to teach first and hold responsible last. I would advise you to go by certainty and to leave doubts; to prefer forgiveness over revenge. The masses of the people are suffering from the illnesses of tribalism, ignorance, and a campaign of defamation of sharia. Therefore you need to win the hearts and minds of the people and take them back to their fitrah.

Assalamu alaykum
Your Brother
Anwar al-Awlaki



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