Lionheart UK, an anti-Islam blogger not unlike others who post about the real Islam, is calling it quits, after countless death threats from Muslims, not to mention pending charges from the British government that ‘he is promoting racial hatred and/or terrorism.’

Lionheart says, “I am stopping writing this blog for good now.

For my actions in wanting to defend myself, my community, and my country from Al Qaeda terrorists and their War to destroy our Civilisation, I have Pakistani Moslems who are enemies of the British people wanting to stab me up or shoot me. And I have the British State wanting to put me in prison if they can, on behalf of Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom.

What hope have we in winning this War if ‘everything’ including our own Government is stacked against us? We are all just sleepwalking our children and grandchildren’s futures into defeat in our own land.

Those who want to win this ‘War on Terror’ for the sake of all of our futures should take notice of what is happening in Britain because we are a launch pad for Islamic terror within this part of the World, and we already have our very own Islamic Kingdom being established upon our soil that threatens the peace and security of the entire Western Judeo/Christian World.

The British people and the Queens Kingdom are being pushed into a corner by the Islamic religion and its supporters. Isn’t it about time those in high places started defending their positions before God if they want Great Britain to stay a Christian Nation and not become an Islamic State?

This is the battle for the ‘Heart & Soul’ of Great Britain. The future for the United Kingdom will either be Christian or Islamic there is no middle ground, not even for the atheists!

Say it isn’t so, Lionheart, we need your voice. If you give up, how long before the powers that be will force all of us to give up. Please reconsider.


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