Muslim Breast Feeding Frenzy

Breast-Feeding a Man in Islam in order to be in the same room with him legally.

Is it acceptable in Islam for a woman to breast-feed a man then stay with him legally in one room?

Muslim women frequently work with men in the same offices, with the inevitable possibility that a woman may find herself sitting alone in the same room with one or more of her male colleagues, which, in Islam, is a grave sin. Some of these women are deeply religious, but they need to work. Both the state and the society are forcing these women to sin without doing anything about i

The issue of breast-feeding men is currently a hot topic in Egypt and has been the focus of the media in many Middle Eastern countries. It all started when Dr. Izzat Attya who is the head of the department of Hadith in Al-Azhar, which is the world’s most prestigious Islamic University, issued a fatwa, or religious opinion. The fatwa declared that, it is legitimate for a working Muslim woman to breast-feed her male colleague to avoid the sin of ‘khulwa’ (staying with a stranger in one room). Similar fatwas had been issued in the past by many sheikhs in many Middle-Eastern countries, but this is the first time it comes from a high level academic of Al-Azhar. ISLAM-WATCH.ORG

“My sister and I sometimes ask my mom, ‘Why didn’t you breast-feed our boy cousins, too?’ ” Shaden continued.

She was referring to a practice called milk kinship that predates Islam and is still common in the Persian Gulf countries. A woman does not have to veil herself in front of a man she nursed as an infant, and neither do her biological children. The woman’s biological children and the children she has nursed are considered “milk siblings” and are prohibited from marrying.

“If my mom had breast-fed my cousins, we could sit with them, and it would all be much easier,.” NY TIMES

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  1. i salute salman for his honest and sincere approach…instead of speaking shits like most others here…he showed enough references both from Quran and Bible. and showed true facts. people can still choose not to read it and stick to their false belief. but that’s not the whole point here. the point is-that’s how religions should be taught or discussed-with compare and contrast of true facts. hats off…. “peace”