OMG, the big, bad 'Islamophobic' British banks have shut down funding to charities that support terrorists

And this stupid Muslim blogger cries foul. WA WA  WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

It’s about time they got wise to the fact that most of these so-called Muslim charities don’t send any money to poor Muslmis, only to terrorist organizations. Where are all the oil-rich Arab countries? They barely give a pittance to help their Arab brothers in need. It’s time to BAN ISLAM from all Western countries.

From: TheEndGameBoY


All Arab Countries Combined Contributed $5,453,815 to the Palestinian Relief Fund in 2000.       

That represents 1.6% of the Total Amount 


These countries gave over 

$300,000,000. The remaining 98.4% 

Donors Contribution in 2000 

USA $89,586,000 (26.6% of the total budget) 

European Commission $63,039,139 

United Kingdom $32,371,139 

Netherlands $24,416,122 

Sweden $18,477,911 

Japan $17,726,955 

Canada $12,960,343 

Norway $12,731,321 

United Nations $11,800,000 

Denmark $8,811,544 

Switzerland $6,041,260 

Italy $5,920,029