The photo that most of the world media chose NOT to print. And why is that? Whom were they protecting – the Muslim degenerate barbarians? 

Right after the Mumbai attack, I posted an interview with the doctor who first saw the dead Jews. He said they were tortured beyond belief, too horrible for words.  Now we see what he meant. Have you seen this photo anywhere in your local newspapers or network news? Not likely. 


Disturbing photographs made available to this newspapers by police sources indicate that several of the guests at the Taj Mahal Hotel during the siege November 26 were sexually humiliated by the terrorists and then shot dead. Police sources confirm that even as the terrorists were engaged in a fierce combat with NSG commandos, they were humiliating their hostages before ending their terrifying ordeal. 

“Even the Rabbi and his (pregnant) wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated,” said a senior officer of the investigating team, not wishing to be quoted.

These pictures, most of which we have refrained from printing, are in the records of the police and are now part of the investigation. 

SOURCE: Mumbai Mirror

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Not exactly a silver lining, but it’s about time ALL Muslims came out against terrorism as some Indian Muslims have.

New Delhi, Dec 17 (ANI): Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) leader Mehmood Madani has criticised the act of militancy, calling it a curse on mankind.

Addressing reporters here last evening, Madani praised Indian Muslims for openly condemning the barbaric act of militancy and said that for the first time  the general public have come out of their houses in huge numbers. 

“This is the specialty of India and Indian Muslims who come out and openly condemn the terror attacks. We are doing that job which has not been done by anyone in the world. Those who are promoting the acts of terror and terrorism are enemy of both the humanity and Islam,” said Madani.

 Observing that the recent attacks in Mumbai had aimed at hitting spreading communal disharmony, Muslim intellectuals have asked the entire country to unite against the elements of terrorism. (ANI)

SOURCE: News Post Online

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