Giant mosques are sprouting everywhere around France.  Some 150 projects have been launched, often marked by excessive size. 

“Today, mayors are the foremost constructors of Mosques,” says Dalil Boubakeur, smiling.  The former president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) is thought to have contributed to the institutionalization of Islam in France.  


Mayors and councilors of almost every political stripe are courting Muslim voters with promises of new stately mosques

“By divine will, it’s thanks to the deputy mayor that the project succeeded,” says Karim Banissa.  An emphyteutic lease aided the construction by 1 million, just as an annual subsidy of 100,000 euro, officially directed at cultural activities: the mayor used all financial means available to him, without violating the 1905 law which provides that the ‘Republic will not recognize nor subsidize any religion.”

Imperceptibly, in five years, local officials moved from caution, even distrust of Islam, to consecration.  

With municipal polls around the corner, mayors and councilors of almost every political stripe are courting Muslim voters with promises of new stately mosques. “Most of the candidates have realized that building mosques is the best way to get votes.

There are some 1,700 Muslim places of worship in France but only about 400 are stately mosques, according to recent estimates by the Interior Ministry. (ONLY ????)

France is home to some 6-7 million Muslims, the biggest Muslim minority in Europe.



No more mosques in the European Union until we see churches, temples and synagogues in Mecca


That’s right, France, keep funding mosques while GANG RAPE BY MUSLIMS is out of control.

The population of France is almost 10 percent Muslim. They are the descendants of Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian workers who came from France’s ex-colonies. Now, many of them live in neglected public housing projects, ruled by violent gangs and increasingly susceptible to Islamic fundamentalism.

There was a trial in Lille where a 13-year-old girl was gang raped by 80 men. Sometimes, it’s 80, or 50 or 10. It’s absolutely terrible.  In the case of Argenteuil, it was horrible. A young woman was raped in a school. Of course, everybody knew, but they’re so afraid of these young men that they prefer to close their eyes. That’s the price of peace in the ghettos.” 

When the verdicts came down in this case, the courthouse turned into a madhouse. Eighteen teenagers were convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl over a two-month period. But what really shocked France was how the mothers of those boys reacted. 

“You call this justice, seven years in prison for some oral sex,” says one (Muslim) mother. “It’s the girl who should be behind bars.” 



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