Saudi men beheaded for raping a man…

December 27, 2008

RIYADH: Two Saudis were beheaded by the sword in Saudi Arabia yesterday after being convicted of raping a man, the interior ministry said. Nasser Al-Harby and Majid Al-Sibeiy entered a room of the unidentified man while he was sleeping before beating him, tying him up and raping him, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official SPA news agency. The beheadings in the capital Riyadh bring to 100 the total number of executions this year in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom.

In 2007, a record 153 people were executed in the country, which applies a strict version of sharia, or Islamic law. That compared with 37 in 2006 and the previous record of 113 in 2000. Rape (of men only), murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking can all carry the death penalty in the ultra-conservative country, where executions are usually carried out in public.

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…But when a man rapes a woman, ONLY the woman gets punished.

This video shows how the barbaric nature of Islam manifests itself in the cruel and unusual treatment/torture of women and children. The rapist usually is not charged because unless she can offer 4 male witnesses to the crime, she cannot prove it. A woman who is raped may be beaten, stoned, or even hanged for “her” crime, all in accordance with Sharia law.

When a young Turkish woman is raped, there is nothing honorable about the way her family seeks revenge.

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