HONOR KILLINGS – Murder in the name of pride

The United Nations reports that family members kill more than 5,000 women and girls around the world each year via Islamic honor killings.

It is the punishment often meted out to women suspected of unsanctioned sexual behavior, dating a non-Muslim, or even being the victim of rape. If it is believed that the action has brought shame on the family — an honor killing ensues as a means of negating the shame. Honor killings are most prevalent in strictly Muslim societies in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. They are now also occurring within Muslim immigrant communities in the West.

One would think liberal feminists in this country would speak out against honor killings, but they aren’t.

TEXASOh my God, I’m dying.”

JORDAN “Get raped, and you get killed or go to prison.”

BRITAIN Banaz Mahmod “Raped, tortured and murdered for falling in love with the wrong man.”

TURKEY “Sometimes families make girls kill themselves after they get raped or even if they are seen wearing jeans in public.

CANADA Aqsa Parvez “16-year old girl killed by her father for not wearing the hijab head scarf.”

IRAQ Dua Khalil, 17 Kurdish girl kicked and stoned to death just for having been seen with a Sunni boy.

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