MUSLIM OUTRAGE – So what else is new?

Coming to a neighborhood near you. It isn’t just al-Europa that is facing Muslim riots in the streets.

FLORIDA: Here are some out-of-control Muslims in Ft. Lauderdale who need to go become human shields for the Palestinians. NOW!

The UN announcement that 51 civilians have died in the conflict in Gaza must be understood in the context of Hamas’s declared ideology to use civilians as human shields for Hamas fighters. Indeed, Hamas continues to emphasize and promote the religious ideology that death for Allah is an ideal to be actively pursued.

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NEW YORK: Terrorist-loving New Yorkers and Muslims demand another Intifada.


NEW YORK: More Muslims foaming at the mouth not far from Ground Zero.


CALIFORNIA: San Francisco (of course) angry Muslims, liberal freaks and queers chanting “Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew” and screaming “Free, Free Palestine.”


ATLANTA: Only a handful of terrorist sympathizers turned out.


ILLINOIS: Jew-hating Chicago Muslims take their clues from the hippie scum of the ’60’s.


UPDATE: Ironically, while American Muslims condemn Israel, the FATAH Palestinians condemn HAMAS.


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