ISRAEL is taking no prisoners this time!

Israeli Ambassador to the schmucks at the UN: “Israel will destroy Hamas completely.



The Israeli Air Force launches a precision strike against weapons hidden in a Gaza mosque on 31 Dec 2008. Secondary explosions caused by the ignition of the weapons cache prove the cynical use of a place of worship as a military site. Hamas uses its citizens as human shields and exploits religion in its brutal campaign against innocent civilians.


Take out Hamas leader Haniyeh’s office and get a few rocket launchers while you’re at it.

Israeli Air Force launches pinpoint strikes against the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Grad missiles ready for launch against innocent civilians on 31 Dec 2008.


Blast though the weapons-smuggling tunnels from Egypt. 200 down, 400 to go.

Israeli Air Force destroys Hamas smuggling tunnels in Gaza. Secondary explosions attest to the presence of weapons in the smuggling tunnels, and the houses in the vicinity reveal a willingness to use innocent Palestinians as human shields.


Destroying the enemy from the sea, too. And ground forces are ready to roll.

Israeli Navy strikes terror targets in Gaza, including smuggling boats and terror fortifications on the coast. Includes footage from a missile-mounted camera.


Israel doesn’t target civilians, it feeds them and provides more humanitarian help to the Palestinians than the Arabs ever did.

Video of Israel sending truck loads of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing. The IDF has made great efforts to use high-tech, pinpoint strikes to avoid civilian casualties while sending humanitarian aid. 


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