SAUDIS BLAME HAMAS for Gaza attack

To the Palestinians, “Your  Arab brothers cannot extend to you the hand of real help if you do not extend the hand of affection to each other.” 


Saud al-FaisalArab foreign ministers met in Cairo on Wednesday to seek a common position amid the Israeli attacks which have killed 385 people in Gaza Strip.

Saudi Arabia told the opening session at Arab League headquarters in Cairo that the Israeli attacks would not have happened if Palestinians had been united. According to Reuters, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, the chairman of the meeting, said Palestinian groups should hold a “decisive meeting that would result in a national unity government.”

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa stressed Arabs should take the Israeli attacks to the U.N. Security Council, even at a risk that a resolution would face a veto from one of the five permanent members of the council. “Everyone is watching as the intensity of Arab-Arab disputes increase unacceptably … We must unite our ranks and everyone must stop pouring oil on the fire,” he added.



OMG! One could almost imagine the Saudis were on Israel’s side: Saudi Arabian cleric arrested for calling for attack on Israel.


Riyadh – A prominent Saudi Arabian Muslim cleric who called for attacks on Israelis
worldwide in retaliation for the ongoing airstrikes on the Gaza Strip has been arrested,
Saudi media reported on Wednesday. Sheikh Awad al-Qarni issued a fatwa, or religious
ruling, on Monday saying that “it is legitimate to spill (Israeli) blood as long as they are
spilling the blood of our brothers in Palestine.”


The report in the al-Rasad newspaper said that al-Qarni had been arrested in the south
of the country and had been brought to the capital Riyadh. Police would not confirm the


In the past few days al-Qarni’s fatwa has been widely discussed on Islamist internet sites,
the newspaper said.



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