"Annihilation of all the Jews in Palestine is the most splendid of blessings"

Even better, says HAMAS cleric, is the blessing that will come with the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate that will rule the entire land.

When the enemy tells you what they are going to do, BELIEVE THEM.


Syrian actress says, ‘We’ve been brought up to hate Israel, it’s in our genes. We’ve suckled it with the milk of our mothers and will pass it on to future generations.’

So I guess this means there never was a roadmap to peace, never will be.


CATFIGHT IN GAZA. Palestinian female students threw chairs and exchanged punches at a Gaza university triggered by arguments over mutual allegations of repression between leaders of Hamas, who now control Gaza, and Fatah, which dominates the West Bank.

See Video (if disabled by YOUTube) here: infolive.tv-33549-israelnews-infolivetv-headlines-female-hamas-and-fatah-students-exchange-punche

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