Muslim Clerics to Palestinians: 'SLAUGHTER THE JEWS LIKE YOU DID IN 1929'

‘Blow Yourselves Up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.’

Islamic leaders are telling their people to stop normalization policies with the Jews. The goal is to liberate ALL of Palestine from the river to the sea. A Palestine where the Jewish State does not exist at all.

( The head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan called on Palestinian Authority Arabs to formally start a third intifada by carrying out suicide bombing attacks to “slaughter the Jews” in Israel.

The harangues by Arab Islamic clerics that aired on the Lebanese Hizbullah terrorist-linked Al-Manar and Palestinian Authority-run Al-Aqsa television networks from December 3-5, which were translated by Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in a report published this week.


The Arabs have only one roadmap to peace – the roadmap that leaves every Jew dead in its tracks.

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