Politics makes for strange 'tentfellows'

Siding with the United States, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak informed a delegation of European foreign ministers that “HAMAS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN.” Apparently, other Arab leaders secretly agree. Well, so much for brotherly love..

The comment occurred even as Hamas, for the first time since the fighting began, sent representatives to Cairo to discuss a cease-fire. Following a meeting with Egyptian intelligence officials, Hamas officials said they had received an Egyptian proposal and would consider it. 

Israel has sent messages to several Security Council members informing them that Israel will not accept an imposed cease-fire, and especially that it will not accept any resolution that places Israel and Hamas on the same level by calling for both to cease their fire impartially. 

The European foreign ministers, headed by Karel Schwarzenberg of the Czech Republic, whose country currently holds the European Union’s rotating presidency, came to Jerusalem after visiting Cairo, and briefed Livni on their meeting with Mubarak. Inter alia, they reportedly told her that Mubarak had said Hamas “must not be allowed to emerge from the fighting with the upper hand.” 

The Egyptian cease-fire proposal would require Israel to end its military operation and withdraw from Gaza, while Hamas would have to end rocket fire into Israel. The border crossings into Gaza would reopen, but PA officials would be stationed at the Rafah crossing with Egypt. In addition, Egypt is demanding that Hamas resume reconciliation talks with Fatah.

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No wonder the Iranians want him dead.

The regime-run news agency, Fars News, reported on Sunday that the Iranians were offering a million dollar reward to the individual who assassinates Hosni Mubarak.

…And that was BEFORE his comments from today.

Demonstrators carry pictures of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak as they shout slogans in front of The Interests Section of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Tehran December 8, 2008. Demonstrators were protesting Egypt’s ties with Israel. (REUTERS/Stringer)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told visiting foreign ministers today that he wants Israel to defeat Hamas.
Nepal News reported, via LGF & GATEWAY PUNDIT

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