UK: The terrorists' JEWISH HIT LIST

FEARS grew last night that hate-filled Islamic extremists are drawing up a “hit list” of Britain’s leading Jews — bringing the Middle East conflict terrifyingly close to home.

Sir Alan Sugar ... is named on website

Sir Alan Sugar … is named on website

TV’s The Apprentice boss Sir Alan Sugar and Amy Winehouse record producer Mark Ronson are among prominent names discussed on a fanatics’ website. Labour Peer and pal of Tony Blair Lord Levy, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Princess Diana’s divorce lawyer Anthony Julius are also understood to be potential targets.

British anti-terror expert Glen Jenvey is convinced online forum Ummah is being used to prepare a deadly backlash against UK Jews.


Pop guru ... Mark Ronson     

Pop guru … Mark Ronson

His warning came as Europe was hit by anti-Semitic attacks over Israel’s push into the Gaza Strip. Hundreds have died in the Jewish state’s response to rocket attacks by militant Palestinian group Hamas. On the Ummah site, “Saladin1970” asks for help compiling “a list of those who support Israel”.“Abuislam” asks: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

Saladin1970 gives a link to the Power 100 list of top British Jews.


Peer ... Lord Levy     

Peer … Lord Levy

Mr Jenvey, 43, said: “The Ummah website has been used by extremists.“Those listed should treat it very seriously. Expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs.” Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Muslims yesterday to strike Western and Israeli targets “wherever you can”. And Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar urged the murder of Jewish children, saying Israel “legitimised the killing of their people all over the world”.

The Community Security Trust, which advises Britain’s Jewish community on safety, said: “We are advising prominent Jewish individuals to be conscious of potential threats.”


Minister ... David Miliband     

Minister … David Miliband

The group has recorded 24 anti-Jewish incidents since December 29, including an arson raid on a London synagogue. There have also been synagogue attacks in France and Sweden. Sir Alan was understood to be reviewing security. The Foreign Office refused to discuss Mr Miliband’s security.


I am sure they are drawing up an American Jewish Hit List even as we speak. Gee, I wonder if the terrorist-sympathizing liberal Jews in this country (University professors/students, Hollywood types, etc. ) will be surprised to find themselves at the top of the list?

Hey, leftie Muslim supporters in this video, you’ll be at the top of the terrorist hit list too.


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