Why there will NEVER BE PEACE with the Arabs of Palestine

“Israel could give up all its land to the Arabs and only keep Tel Aviv as the Jewish State, and still there will never be peace.”

Chief of Staff during the government of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Moshe Ya’alon says, “I was a believer in land for peace, but I have learned the past 15 years… it deteriorates our security.”  128455


The reason there will never be peace with the Arabs of Palestine comes from an Islamic doctrine which ‘forbids land for peace’ ideology from succeeding.

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Nearly 1 million Jews were expelled from Arab lands after 1948, even though the majority of them were indigenous and held Arab citizenship. They were never compensated for their property worth over $80 billion that was stolen from them by the Arabs. Jewish-owned land in Arab countries was more than 38,000 sq. miles. Israel today is just 7,992 sq. miles. 

So-called ‘Palestinians’ aren’t refugees at all because they weren’t citizens of the state of Israel in the first place nor they were forced to leave by the Jews.. These ‘Palestinians’ (Arabs, about 630,000 of them) left Israel because the Arab leaders urged them to leave while promising them to cleanse Israel of Jewish presence by the wars they started (but lost) with Israel. A minority of Arabs remained in Israel and received full rights of Israeli citizenship. 630,000 “refugees” in 1948 became 4,500,000 in 2008. How? Because only the “Palestinians” pass their refugeeism from father to son.

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In all this vast Arab land, not one Arab state will give up one meter of space to their ‘brothers’ the Palestinians because they hate the Palestinians and don’t want them in their countries. Instead they want to push the problem onto the tiny State of Israel. Screw ’em.


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