Where are THE CRUSADES now that we need them?

How many more reasons do Muslims have to give us before we ban Islam, close mosques, and stop all Muslim immigration to the West, while deporting all Muslims who are not citizens?

Will Muslims have to do to us what they once did centuries ago that resulted in the original Crusades? I doubt that Europe even has that caliber of fighter of anymore. And America and Israel won’t have enough Crusaders to fight all of them.

(All videos are approx 2 mins or less)

Muslim plans for Europe over the next few years.

The goal of Islam is to rule the White House.

Next 9/11 will take place in Britain and the flag of Islam will fly over 10 Downing Street.

Islamic clerics preach that Muslims and non-Muslims CANNOT co-exist.

No country in Europe has more than 10% Muslims (and only France has that many), yet look how they are influencing (for the worse) European culture and society. Once they reach 20%, and they will very rapidly at their current birthrate that is triple that of European families, Europe as we know it is dead.

Scandal in Brussels. Mayor Freddy Thielemans banned peaceful demo against Islamization of Europe. Police attacking people who defend democracy, from all EU (Poles, Brits, French etc were arrested by police). Europe is screaming for help!

Liberal asylum policies have turned Sweden into a violent society. Sweden is paying the price for its tolerance and acceptance of millions of Muslim immigrants.

(English narration begins at 12 seconds)

Muslims don’t even hide their plans for conquest of Europe.


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