Muslims discovered America? Saudi-funded textbooks that are being used in many American K-12 classrooms feature an Islamic-centric rather than a Euro-centric view of history.

28 of the most widely-used American textbooks were found to have more than 500 glaring lies, including:

* Muslims discovered America before Columbus did

* Christianity was founded by a Palestinian named Jesus

* Jerusalem is an Arab city

* God revealed the Qur’an to Muhammad

* Jews contributed very little to Arts and Sciences

Where the hell is the ACLU?

“Become a Muslim warrior.” Thus read the instructions for seventh graders in Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture, 610-1100, a three-week curriculum produced by Interaction Publishers, Inc. In classrooms across the United States, where students adopt a Muslim name and wear Islamic clothing.Students unwilling to wear Islamic clothes must sit mutely in the back of the class, seemingly punished for remaining Westerners. Interaction calls for many Islamic activities: taking off shoes, washing hands, sitting on prayer rugs, and practicing Arabic calligraphy.

Students study the Qur’an, recite from it, design a title page for it, and write verses of it on a banner. Seventh graders adopt the speech of pious believers, greeting each other with “assalam aleikum, fellow Muslims” and using phrases such as “God willing” and “Allah has power over all things.” They pronounce the militant Islamic war-cry, Allahu akbar (“God is great.”) They must even adopt Muslim mannerisms. 430

Muslim mannerisms? Would that include suicide bombings?

FLORIDA: This class was called “Family Dynamics” and was supposed to have nothing to do with religion but 3 Muslim speakers turned it into a religious discussion and students were not given the option to stay or leave.

Last April the United American Committee exposed Cultural Jihad In Central Florida. The Central Florida Chapter of the United American Committee contacted WFTV Channel 9 news in Orlando to expose a cultural Jihad at a local school.

CALIFORNIA: ‘Teaching Islam to American school children is as important as teaching European history.’ Small towns in America are having Islamic indoctrination forced upon their children while the mere mention of Christianity is all but forbidden.

And this is just how it’s supposed to be according to the president of the Lodi Mosque in central California. Parents are up in arms about the Islamic curriculum being forced on their elementary school age children. Just when any mention or symbol of Christianity has been all but banned from public schools, Islam is spreading like wildfire. And our liberal educators are embracing it with open arms.

Christmas trees NO. Islamic Footbaths and Prayer Rooms YES. At public schools all over America, Muslim children are being accommodated with footbaths and special prayer rooms for their daily prayers. No other religion is afforded such privileges.

Is this happening in your children’s schools yet? What are you doing about it?

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